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Lisbon & Cascais



I went to Lisbon the first time just before the revolution, over fifty ears ago, when I was in the Royal Air Force. I went back to revisit and to show it all to my wife over a couple of days, just a week or so ago.


The first visit was to the Portuguese Air Force base at Montijo, just over the water form Lisbon. We were supporting a NATO exercise, but like all other exercises it was not really well researched, and the Portuguese turned out as experts with the kind of equipment that we had on offer.


Andalucian Horses




Hailing from the Iberian Peninsula, the Andalusian takes its name from the Province of Andalucia, where it was most famous. This living antiquity is purported to be an ancient breed; 20,000-year-old cave drawings show a similar type of horse and Homer mentions the horses in the Illiad (1,100 B.C.).


I am Norman,a Nubie (new person).  I will be writing in English about things that have happened in Spain, or things that are Spanish, and have been adopted by other countries around the world.  I am an Englishman and have lived in Toledo since the beginning of this century (that sounds like a long time but it is not - and I am married to a Spanish lady).

I hope that you have a very happy Christmas and New Year and I look forward chatting to you during the coming year.