Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Although Harrison Ford received a lot of notices for this movie, he only appears during the second half.  The male hero is Ryan Gosling who plays Officer K.  It is still a great movie and one that you end up feeling is of the newer, more “modern” era.

Officer K is relatively new at the Blade Running thing, but soon gets over it and ends up on the wrong side of the law in his quest to prove that he has got the magic gene that bridges between harmful, older humanoids (and therefore targeted) and the more soft, modern humanoids, who seem to be running everything - and are not so harmless after all.

So Officer K goes in search of the Blade Runner original, Harrison Ford and that is where all the action is.  The film is great and the special effects are terrific.  The only question I have at the end of it is  “Why did Officer K run through a wall instead of going through a door right next to his exit/entry point’.

It’s a great movie, very long and very “detailed”. You have to put yourself in the right frame of mind to go and see it – but if and then – you are going to have the cinematic time of your life.

During the last quarter a girl turns up from the first film, some thirty years ago, absolutely identical I assure you.   These scenes put the first part of the picture into second place. They also leave you with the burning question. “How do they do that?”  They certainly are not running clips from the first movie, but the girl is identical…..I am old enough to remember it.

Being one of the small number of people who actually understood the first Blade Runner (according to American Critics), I found this second version compelling, but very different, and necessary to see at least two or three times to get all the details.

Not being a Ryan Gosling fan I will only give it 8 out of a possible 10.  But if you are a fan you’re likely to go for the full 10.



Hello, Hopalong. How are you? I have read your comment about this film. I want to see this movie. I liked very much Blade Runner ( I saw the film in 1987), I want to see again the other movie and then, I will try to see Blade Runner 2049. Thanks for your comments, I will tell you if I liked the film. Best regards!

Hi Mary Jo,

I hope you have a good time - but go with a nice relaxed mind.

Good Luck

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