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Get Assignment Writing Help by Experts

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On September 11th, America changed. An act of terror on its own soil, so horrendous, so previously incomprehensible shook the country to the core. Never before had Americans suffered such an attack, not within their boundaries. What once was a country that assumed it was safe and secure, left its citizens questioning their security even in their own beds. However, as Americans have been known to do, they rallied together, in acts of kindness, bravery, compassion, and patriotism never before seen, demanding that this never happen again. Demanding their safety and security be returned to them. But how? How in a world where so many countries are strife ridden could a nation, like America be truly safe. An American foreign policy, one that some could argue was always on AmericaÂ’s agenda, of stabilizing turbulent nations, and instituting democracy within emerged.

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