I am Norman,a Nubie (new person).  I will be writing in English about things that have happened in Spain, or things that are Spanish, and have been adopted by other countries around the world.  I am an Englishman and have lived in Toledo since the beginning of this century (that sounds like a long time but it is not - and I am married to a Spanish lady).

I hope that you have a very happy Christmas and New Year and I look forward chatting to you during the coming year.


Hello Norman. I know speak a small english. I´m study english whit i´m very small.Do you whant study spanish

Merry chistmas and a happy new year

Hi Puka,

Happy New Year to you too,

I am sorry that I haven't replied before, but I needed to get the sign on process sorted out in my poor mind. I Have reutrned to my lessons with Maria and I have contact now.

Where are you living? Are you a man or a woman ? Etc.

I am a man of 71 years officially and 22 in my mind and live in Toledo - Where I have been based since 2000. I have only just lived there for a few years now though.


Hello, Norman. I'm very surprised because I can use the language that I like. I 'm an English teacher. Now,I can't work, but it's very interesting to write to someone. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!.

Hello MaryJo,

I am very sorry that I have not replied before, but I had to get the log on details from Maria (where I am at the moment). I have them all on my computer now, and so I am just about set (at last). I hope that you have had a great Christmas and New Year and that this year looks a lot better than the last..

I live in Toledo, am 71 years old (about 22 in my mind) I have retired and spend my week about the place (which is quite large) and once each week visit Maria for my teach-ins. I hope that you are well.


Hello, Norman. I am glad to write some words to you. I live in a litle village in Málaga. I like the sea, but this village is in the mountains. I am 46 years old. I have got two children and I try to improve my legs, just to walk wihtout fear. Thank you !! And I will tell you more things about me and my life in Málaga and in ADACEMA.

Hi Mary Jo.

Thank you for your note. I am relatively undamaged compared to the others on the site. My right side is a little weaker than my left, and I can't carry on writing my book - yet- and so my book is sitting there about three quarters done. My hobbies? I don't have any so far. There's rather a lot of land attached to the house so I can work on that when I get the weather right. And there's a lot of walking just outside of the door and down in the town. I like photography so I take some photographs when I go out for a drive. I am learning to enhance them on my computer when I get home.

Looking forward to hearing about your life in your village.


Hello, Norman. I am very glad to read all about your activities. I like reading books and I try to walk alone. It is very difficult to me, but I hope to be better than now ... I was a teacher and I would like to continue that activity.

HI MaryJo,

I am a couch potato during the winter, for no excuse at all. I enjoy getting out and about and Toledo is a great place to do that. Actually the whole of Spain is. So as part of my getting up and going places is to get up and go and do it - instead of just thinking about it.

I will try a day or two a week from now on to see how I do - after I've been for my morning swim.

I'm hoping that you are well and that your daily exercise is going well.

I·m spanish and I have been speaking english since I was a child. I like it very much. I love to learn new languages but my memory is not so much good to do it. Although, it would be a pleasure to chat with you.
Nice to meet you, Norman.

I hope that you havent been waiting too long for a reply. I am trying to get out of the habit of going for my morning swim and calling it all off after that. So as part of my regengeration I am going to start going out twice a week to take some photoes around Toledo.

How about you? Can you get about ? Your English is terrific by the way.

Nice to meet you too, Marian