Useful apps for your device that you should not miss

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Useful apps for your device that you should not miss
If you are looking for useful apps for your Android device, this article is what you need. Let have a look!
FatSecret is a free calorie counting tool. It includes a food diary, nutrition database, healthy recipes, exercise diary, weight chart,etc.
A barcode scanner is also included in the software to help find information about packaged foods.
The FatSecret homepage displays the total calorie intake as well as the decomposition of carbs, proteins and fats. It is displayed during the day and each meal.
FatSecret provides a monthly summary mode, showing the total daily calories consumed and the average total calories for each month. This feature is very convenient to track your eating process.
This calorie measuring tool is easy to use. It also involves a community where users can exchange success stories and receive tips, recipes and more. Get this app with Apk downloads safe
- The food database is quite comprehensive and includes many supermarkets and food from restaurants.
- Food sent by other users will be noted by the software so that users can verify the information
- FatSecret can display excess carb, which is convenient for low-carb dieters
Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run
Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run is a mobile game designed in a style that combines endless running games and shooting games but it possess a fascinating story inspired by the famous game series named The Walking Dead.
Putting players into the apocalyptic world after the devastating collapse of Los Angeles, the game was inspired by AMC's cult series Fear the Walking Dead, creating a dreadful dark color. Players will travel through many areas of the city like abandoned churches, schools or sports fields and fight with zombies.
Players Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run, you will meet and play many movie characters such as Travis, Nick, Madison, Strand, Daniel or Chris. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses and weapons. Gameplay is divided into 3 parts: Sanctuary, School's Out and Cobalt.
Along with unlocking the characters, the game also owns more than 50 weapons scattered in the city. Attractive game modes also challenge players' survival skills. Maybe you will have to try to survive the longest or follow the plot the game offers. Overall, with the gloomy image, the gameplay combines tactical elements. Those who are excited about the horror action game genre will love this game. Dont''forget to check for the Latest apk downloads
Cron-o-meter allows you to easily monitor your diet, exercise and body weight.
It provides a very accurate database with full of exercises. There is also a special option for pregnant and lactating women, based on higher calorie needs in those interchanges.
You can also use Cron-o-meter if you are following a specific diet, such as a diet, low-carb diet or low-fat vegetarian diet. This software will give appropriate advice on the amount of Macronutriment and
Food diary is simple and user friendly. Together with the food diary, there is a column chart showing the decomposition of carbs.
Hope that our article will help you get more about amazing apps and games for Android in these days. Check - apk site for free download - best game & app store. Cheers!