How to Remove Bad Odor From Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper: A Short FAQ

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How to Remove Bad Odor From Your Memory Foam Mattress Topper: A Short FAQ
If you want to improve the quality of your sleep further than what your current mattress can give you, a good mattress topper should be at the top of your shopping list for this month. Many people think that you have to throw away your old mattress and buy a new, premium one to get the support and comfort of a high-quality mattress. While that’s one way to do it, the cheaper way is to simply buy a best rated mattress topper.

A mattress topper is placed on top of your old mattress, acting as the main pillow top layer for your body. A high quality mattress topper will conform to the shape of your body and support your body’s natural shape while you sleep. The extra support can relieve stress from pressure points around your body and lessen joint aches and pain so that you will wake feeling more refreshed and energized. High-quality toppers nowadays also use many design tricks (usually an injection of cooling gel) to provide better breathability to your body, allowing your body heat to dissipate in the night.

The type of mattress topper that can do all of the jobs above— and do it in a way that’s often more exceptional than other types— is a gel infused memory foam mattress topper.

But no matter how good your mattress topper is, it will eventually be dirtied and soiled. Bad odors are inevitable and when the topper develops bad smell, many people simply throw their foam topper into the washing machine.

The thing is that gel infused memory foam does not play well with washers.

The moment you put memory foam into a washer and turn on the power button is the moment you will have to order a new one. Memory foam can distend and bend out of shape under the violent actions of a washer. We have received plenty of messages from users who unknowingly put their topper into the wash, and it is always difficult to tell them that their toppers were irrevocably damaged and cannot be used again.

So if you want to remove bad smells from your topper, follow these steps.

Spot Clean Your Mattress Topper

Spot clean your mattress first and foremost with a damp cloth and some select cleaning chemicals. You can use vinegar, a mixture of baking soda and cold water, or good detergent and dab them on parts of the best mattress topper where there are stains. Once you’re done, rinse it off and let it dry.

Surface Wash

After that, lay your best topper for bed on a surface and wash it with cold water. Make sure that there are no soap residues left on the topper. If there are, rinse the topper clean of them.

Roll the Mattress

During the surface washing phase, water will have seeped into the foam and get trapped inside. By removing this trapped water is how you’re going to remove bad smells, urines, and such from your topper. You can do that by rolling the mattress back gently and letting the water seep from the foam cells.

Be sure to apply gentle force. You don’t want to damage your Top Rated Mattress Toppers Thekinglive after going this far.

Let It Dry

Air the topper in a breathable environment and away from direct sunlight. You can use a hand dryer or a fan to quicken the speed of drying. If you use a hand dryer, make sure that the heat setting is at lowest and hold the dryer as far away from the topper’s surface as possible.


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