Hola a todos. Ayer dijo en la tele el presidente de Andalucia que por precaucion se tiene que cerrar por el coronavirus. Ya en breve me voy a casa pero es a partir del lunes. Nos vemos en dos semanas. 

Un saludo adios. 


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How to drop Amazon Prime Video on mobile?

Stage 1. Open the Prime Video application on Android , tap on the rigging symbol and go to "Record the executives". There, in the "Prime" area, tap "Alter on Amazon". On the iPhone, it is important to get to the membership the board page through the gadget's program;

Stage 2. Presently, tap on "End preliminary" or "Drop membership and advantages" on the off chance that you are an old endorser. On the following screen, look as far as possible and tap "Proceed and drop";

Stage 3. Contact "Drop membership" lastly affirm "Drop membership". Your membership will stay dynamic until the finish of the time for testing or charging date and won't be restored for the following month.

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